Asparagus is mandatory food for women

asparagus hollandaise sauce

Asparagus is mandatory food prepared as women with sauce Hollandaise

Asparagus is mandatory food to women because of bowel movements in the stomach. Asparagus have a mild laxative effect and dietary fiber.

Regular usage will make your stomach more than regular. As a major source of antioxidant glutathione and help prevent various cancers.

Cataracts: Contained in the asparagus antioxidants and glutathione help with a number of eye problems such as cataract progression.

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia: In freshly pressed juice of asparagus contain minerals that have mandatory for the diet of people suffering from diabetes. These minerals control blood sugar levels.

Asparagus juice should not be taken by people with kidney disease

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Asprzhite dioretik are good, but not recommended if you have kidney problems.

Diuretic: In the form of asparagus juice is used as a great diuretic. Support the good work of the urinary system. Required, however, must be combined with carrot juice because juice is too strong and acts of asparagus on the kidneys.

Heart disease: In order to maintain a healthy heart you need to drink a small amount of asparagus juice mixed with raw honey daily / three times a day /.

This drink enhances the performance of the heart. Kidney: As already mentioned, asparagus have a diuretic and alkaline properties.

It is they help prevent and dissolve kidney stones. Asparagus juice helps to break the oxalic acid which forms crystals in the kidneys. Many women have problems with bloating caused by premenstrual syndrome.

asparagus limec salad

Asparagus juice should not be taken by people with kidney disease.

Magnesium in this juice except that regulate this state, also helps to relieve the irritation, fatigue and depression. Pregnant women: Last but not least, the asparagus are very useful for pregnant women.

With content of folic acid, calcium and other minerals asparagus are important for reducing the risk of birth defects and low birth weight.

Moreover, thanks to the diuretic effect of the juice reduce water retention in pregnant women.


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