Are you obsessed with your relationship

Are you obsessed with your relationship, have you ever known if you love someone or not? You feel very attracted to him, he is constantly in your thoughts, you call him often, but at the same time when he does not answer any of your calls, you start instantly tormenting your doubts, getting angry and blaming him for your thoughts.

At one point, you feel this person as possessive, as someone you want to control at any moment. Feeling is painful and is associated with both great jealousy and the fact that in your ideas this person owes you everything, in one way or another, he is your property. It is called obsession, and any intelligent person cannot mistake it for true love. And yet, let’s see how and why we can become obsessive about our partner. Let’s start from here – asking ourselves the most important questions, namely:

Do you like it?

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A woman without self-esteem will almost always hint at her partner who has looked, whose picture he liked on the social network. Conversely, one who knows that she is chosen for what she is and is fully aware of herself would not go on to suggest and question what she likes about another partner. Let us admit that, apart from the unpleasant feeling about him, is too humiliating for us to do. So, it is better to look at ourselves more often and not stop supporting ourselves in every way so that we may be liked most by ourselves. That’s where it all starts.

Any woman who is fully self-confident and skillful in judging what she possesses in appearance and intellect could not be possessive, except at the moment when she begins to lose some of her qualities. The advancement of age and the appearance of the first wrinkles, as well as the comparison with younger women, could be a bad joke for almost every lady past 30. If you do not like yourself well enough, this will make you feel better about your partner at first.

What do you like about your partner?

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We often say that when we love we cannot explain why. Love is simply love – an attraction that cannot be explained in words. However, each of us can indicate the qualities he really likes in his partner. Of course, there are some who do not like it. Because there are no perfect people. And for that reason, we would like to say that when those qualities you dislike become too much, it is also likely that you will become obsessive. Some women, for fear of being left alone, choose partners who are far from their understanding of that real man.

And then, in an attempt to turn one of these men into those dreams, they become constantly persecuting, making notes, trying to manipulate. And in fact, the solution is only one – when there is no love and only the shortcomings of the man next to us come to the fore, the only solution is to find another man. Otherwise, we torture ourselves in trying to change him and his resentment with his personality. In such a situation, it is elementary to find the right path and he finds himself when we ask ourselves the question, are we happier or more unhappy with our partner. If we have forgotten what happiness is, it is advisable to look elsewhere. If you find it so difficult to judge, write it down.

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