Anti-aging methods of the body

Anti-aging methods of the body, how to achieve this. Almost every moment in our body cells die. They break down, and the products of this breakdown come out without harm to the body, as long as the body is not exhausted. Exhaustion reduces our body’s ability to produce ptomains – toxins that create a predisposition to various diseases.

The cells of the body are constantly dividing, new ones appear, which gradually age. A man in his fifties has about forty percent of old cells in his body. If the capillaries around normal cells are blocked by dead cells or breakdown products, this prevents the flow of nutrients – oxygen, amino acids, glucose and vitamins.

How to slow down the aging of the body

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Timely release of the body from dead cells slows down the approach of old age. This is achieved by certain methods. To prevent premature aging of the blood-forming organs, you should regularly exercise, which increases blood circulation.

It is recommended to periodically walk in the mountains, as this stimulates the activity of the bone marrow, as well as to eat a complete diet containing protein and vitamins. To protect your heart from premature aging, you need to watch your weight and not overeat. It is not recommended to smoke and drink too much alcohol.

Latest data on the aging of the body

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After the fortieth year, the diameter of the blood vessels in the brain decreases. To protect your brain from premature aging, you need anti-aging oil to learn foreign languages, to read and train your intellect. In addition, you should take a walk in the fresh air at least once a week.

The hardening of some cartilage in the chest with age reduces the body’s ability to absorb the required amount of air when inhaled. Therefore, a person with age has to breathe more often. In order to develop the chest, you need to do regular breathing exercises. Running is very useful.

Premises smoked by cigarettes should be avoided. To protect your gastrointestinal tract from premature aging, you need to protect it from too cold and too hot foods and drinks. It is not recommended to overdo it with sugar and sugar products, as well as to overdo it with spicy food. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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