Psychological diet we lose 5 pounds

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stress is one of the main culprits for gaining weight

Psychological diet we lose 5 pounds because stress is one of the main culprits for gaining weight. No matter what he’s born, he can be reassured with just one – indiscriminate and constant feeding.

Over time, this causes deterioration in digestion and health as well as obesity. Against the backdrop of everyday stress, one begins to tread with unhealthy foods – sweets, chips, fatty meats. The strong sense of hunger must be suppressed, and the investigation is one – overuse of excess weight.

According to experts, there is one method that can stop this vicious circle of stress and poor nutrition. This is the so-called. psychological diet. At its core is the positive attitude towards life and the world around. The first step is to realize that everyone is confronted with the difficulties of life on a daily basis.

The important thing is to be strong and not to despair. This makes it harder to succumb to stress. Daily meals should also be subject to certain rules. It’s a good idea to stick to an example menu that does not change in stressful situations. We should not be rewarding with treats of success.

The body is burdened when unexpected changes in the diet are imposed. To avoid such stress, it is good to eat everything we love, but in small quantities. Food intake should be evenly distributed throughout the day. It is good to set off and unloading days. They are extremely useful for health.

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nutrition needs to be balanced

Ten-day psychological diet

Eating is also important for dealing with stress. Meals should always be beautifully served. Food should be consumed smoothly, without hurry and with pleasure. It should be chewed thoroughly – so the body works better.

Try not to overeat. One of the best advice comes from France and says that after a meal one has to stay with a slight sense of hunger. The feeling of satiety appears after about 20-30 minutes. An important point is not to eat when we are not hungry. The psychological diet also advises not to engage in side activities while we eat.

The habit of watching news as we eat, charges our body with the negative energy we get from them. And this has a devastating effect on digestion. Self-control is the basis of the drop in kilograms. By changing these habits, we can take up to 5 pounds in a few weeks.

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