Foods rich in vitamin B17
Foods rich in vitamin B17 salad

Foods rich in vitamin B17, information on the properties, action and potential of the substance isolated from bitter almond seeds date back to the 1830s when French chemists isolate it and give it the name glycoside amigdaline.

In the middle of the last century, American biochemist Ernst Krebs received it in a purified and concentrated form, called it B17 or even laetril, and said it was a vitamin that successfully cured cancer.

This statement turns the detected substance into a sensation. What is known about the action of amygdalin in the fight against cancer cells?

Foods rich in vitamin B17 and cancer

Bitter almond is used in the fight against tumors since 4,000 years ago by the Chinese. There are well-known observations of the lives of people who eat foods rich in vitamin B17. For them, cancer is an unknown disease. Residents of the Hunza Valley on the India-Pakistan border are the most pervasive case since their apricot kernel, which contains B17, is a major food product.

Apricot kernels are used as food by Navajo Indians, Abkhazians and many others. Oncology diseases are exceptions, although they accept traditional food. Vitamin B17 is contained in the seeds and consume nuts of bitter almond, apricot, blackberrant, cherry, nectarines, peaches, apples, millet, flaxseed, and other foods that are almost excluded from the modern man’s menu.

Amigdaline can be considered an effective cancer prevention agent if taken regularly by eating a few bitter raw nuts such as almond, apricot, peach. Other good sources are sprouts of alfalfa, millet, legumes and lentils (see gallery).

The dangers of using vitamin B17

Each molecule of vitamin B17 contains cyanide, benzaldehyde and glucose. Cyanide is bent on a cancer cell destroyer. There is still no guarantee that he attacks only the damaged cells, but not the healthy ones. There is a potential danger of being overwhelmed by overdose. In theory, in order to poison the organism, the cyanide must first dissolve and interact with the body.

vitamin B17 self-medication
Foods rich in vitamin B17 self-medication is dangerous with such medications and can lead to uncontrollable reactions

This happens with another enzyme-beta-glucosidase that is present in the body in scarce amounts, and the cells affected by cancer are saturated with it. Logic shows that it should kill the cancer cells without harming the healthy ones because it is not absorbed by our tissues.

However, there is no guarantee that cyanide will not dissolve under the influence of other processes and conditions such as unregistered genetic defect, autoimmune disease or other external factor. This poses a potential risk of cyanide poisoning.

Opinions are in both extremes, but one is unanimous – self-medication and prophylaxis with tablets or ampoules, which are available literally everywhere, is dangerous because it is concentrated.

Taking such medicines should only be done under medical supervision. And the use of foods rich in vitamin B17 is a good prevention against oncological diseases.