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The bacon kills as alcohol and tobacco this last observation

World Health Organization condemned that bacon kills as alcohol and cigarettes. She put them in the black list of foods that cause cancer.

According to experts, all hamburgers, bacon, sausages and did all kinds of processed meat are equally harmful and predispose to the development of cancer as cigarettes, alcohol, arsenic and asbestos.

Besides hamburgers and sausages in the black list will enter and fresh red meat. Analyses have shown that it also increases the risk of cancer, although a bit weaker than them.

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In it the greatest danger represent colors that give red. They are likely to cause a condition which leads to mucosal damage and ultimately – colon cancer.

Another danger are canning, salting and smoking, which increases the durability of sausages and meat. These days the organization will publicly declare specially prepared by her list of highly carcinogenic products known as the encyclopedia of carcinogens.

Useful recipes with bacon
According to experts all hamburgers and bacon are very harmful and lead to cancer

It will surely cause a shock in the sector for fast food Meat. According to the guidelines every trader will be required to put warnings labeled on the packaging of any product like cigarettes, to inform consumers about perceived risks.

Useful recipes with bacon

Insiders, however, believe that this will not happen because many of the others on the list of things no indication.

International Agency for Research on Cancer, which works to WHO, has conducted extensive studies have shown that intake of processed meat, even in small amounts increases the risk of deadly disease.

According to their research the strongest link between them and colon cancer, which kills millions of people each year. Studies have shown that it is safe to consume only 500 grams of red meat a week, whether it’s pork, lamb or beef.

Anything above that rate increases cholesterol and increases the risk of colon cancer tremendously, they are clear.