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Turn your favorite foods in a vegetarian for more health reasons to make you not eat meat

Turn your favorite foods in vegetarian for more health reasons to make you not eat meat.

Fortunately, with a little creativity you can replace meat in almost any dish – it is important to find the right and resembling it vegetarian substitute.

If you are new to this area, probably next suggestions will be extremely useful.

1. jackfruit – this awesome but little known fruit coming from India, is rich in protein and vitamin B, which makes it great for your new healthier way of eating.

Will find it difficult to take and process the giant fruit at home, so the best option is to buy one from cans. Can be consumed in different ways and you will always have the feeling that eat meat – with spices baked barbecue with onions and hot sauce, fried, stewed in vegetable broth, baked in the oven;

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2. Lentils – part of the legume family, which combine well with meat, as well imitate it as a protein and in texture and taste. Lentils can use in every dish whose preparation requires mince;

3. Pickled mushrooms – flights with soy sauce or vinegar, mushrooms no way inferior to meat products. Besides all known beneficial ingredients in mushrooms there and selenium, which is rarely found in fruits and vegetables, but is essential for the proper functioning of the liver.

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Turn your favorite foods in a vegetarian tips and suggestions for healthy eating no animal food except fish

Shiitake mushrooms are almost indistinguishable from chicken when preparing them adequately;

4. Nuts – if you think that your vegetarian dish will have a shortage of protein and fat, must add him nuts.

The most common are peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Of them can make cheese, mayonnaise, sauces or snacks;

5. Miso – Japanese paste produced from fermented soy grains. It is used to flavor a number of dishes because there are specific taste well-known of meat and fish dishes;

Include these 5 foods more often in your daily menu and will gradually realize that you do not need meat.

There are many logical and health reasons to choose and eat vegetarian food, but there are many evolutionary reasons why we humans crave meat. Yet there are many creative and delicious ways to hold my unwavering meat and hunger to get proteins from which our body needs without actually eat meat.

For those who have recently turned to vegetarianism or have been vegetarians for a while and enjoy a new culinary ideas, here is where we will give you some delicious and easy to prepare meat substitutes that will help you replace your favorite vegetarian foods.







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