The psychology of wealth

The psychology of wealth, valuable ideas to have a lot of money

The psychology of wealth, valuable ideas to have a lot of money. Make a test – men try out the most expensive car they can find in some car – Porsche, Mercedes, Maybach, Women at a jewelry store and try out the most expensive diamond ring they have in the store.

If you can do it, I congratulate you. You are on the path of wealth, your level of consumption and your self-esteem are at a sufficiently high level. If you are not ready to go to the salon and test the most luxurious car, this is normal and you still want to work above your level of consumption.

The level of consumption is different for each person. For some, it’s a comfy little room for another huge apartment in Los Angeles. Your level of consumption affects your life and your condition.

The level of consumption may develop. For example, buy something you can not afford, something much more expensive than the usual things you buy – an expensive watch, a diamond ring, an expensive dress.

This exercise helps you raise your limit, self-esteem, and allow yourself to have great things. A very important thing that will help you get rich is to associate yourself not with money but with your ability to make money.

We are used to thinking as much as I have saved in the bank, as much as I have. But that is not the case. People think that if they spend the money, they will not have it, but they forget that whatever money they spend or lose in them remains the ability to create them.

If you once worked 100,000 you can, you have that ability and you can do it again. Rich people easily put their money in business because they know that even if they lose a certain amount, their ability to create and attract money is always in them.

The ability to be rich is within you and no one can take it to you. And sometime, if you are coughing to spend money remember that you are not your money, you are this unique creative ability to create money and whatever you want more.

Remember that. If you want to be rich you need to enjoy every penny literally. Enjoy what you already have, pay for example, make a list of everything you own and enjoy it.

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tips for proper thinking that can help you to get rich

You are a rich man, the more you rejoice and thank life, the universe, your boss, yourself for how much money you have now, the more money will come to you. Verified in practice. If you want to be rich, stop envious of the rich, condemn or criticize the rich.

If you want to be one of them stop judging them otherwise your subconscious will block your efforts. “The rich are crooks and I do not want to be a crook.” Reevaluate your beliefs. If you see someone has a yacht and think – “ahaa he has, and I do not,” that does not help you.

Think if he can, then I can. This belief will help you. Every rich person is an example that I can get rich too. Looking at the rich not as bastards but as people who inspire you, once they have achieved it, you can also do it.

If you complain and complain that you are poor you can not get rich. Ah, how poor I am, the money is not enough, the more you program the less money you have. Thoughts, words all bring vibration.

If you want to be rich think of wealth with joy and pleasure. In order to get rich you will be helped by the work you have in mind. What gives you pleasure when you are doing it is your 99% wealth road.

Think about what gives you pleasure, what you want to do in life from the heart. Do not listen to your parents and society, listen to your soul and soon you will achieve your dream!

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