The new super food pears

super food pears

The new super food pears are about to become a new discovery of the 21st centur

This will bring huge benefits. If you start your day with a pear instead of the usual morning coffee will give tone your body and you will feel energetic and relaxed in the coming hours.

This is due to essential oils in this wonderful fruit that successfully cope with nerve over and keep us away from stress.

Pears are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber while low in calories and fat. Experts have found many benefits that brings snack of pears. To find out who they are, check out the gallery above.

Eat pears against allergies

With delicious fruit is found natural antihistamine – quercetin. Not surprisingly, the first juice, which is given to babies is precisely pear – is unlikely to lead to any allergies. Furthermore, allergy sufferers, especially – hayfever, taken with additives namely quercetin to relieve the symptoms.

Protects bones

In pears contain high levels of boron minerals. It helps the body retain calcium. Moreover, the fruit is rich in vitamin C – one of the vital for bone health. At the same time it supports the production of hormones, including estrogen. They do not allow the body to lose bone mass.

Easier breathing

The juice of pears used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It is recommended for lung disease as it helps to reduce phlegm and relieves throat. In these fruits opens the antioxidant glutathione, which increases the immunity of the lungs and stops the infection in the bud.

It has been shown that the consumption of shell pears more than five times a week, improved insulin sensitivity. Moreover, in these fruits contain polyphenols and which act as protection against the development of type 2 diabetes and for They help to lower blood sugar levels.

pears super food

The new super food pears recommended by doctors and nutritionists , pear juice for pro Better Breathing

In pears contains folic acid – one of the most important in the period of pregnancy. It prevents the appearance of malformations in the newborn.

Pears supply the body a number of nutrients that are necessary for the conduct of normal pregnancy.

Pears shown to reduce the levels of alcohol in the blood, which in turn can protect you from a hangover.

The only condition is to have them enjoyed a heaping soldered before.




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