The most expensive fruits in the world

The most-expensive pear

They just grow into special shapes in the shape of Buddha.

Nowadays, the market of the most expensive fruits in the world are abundant of products. Fruits are some of the most beneficial foods we can enjoy daily. But have you heard of Buddha pears, for example. And how much would you be willing to pay for art watermelons or a kilogram of apples that you know are special.
The most expensive fruits in the world are also the most extravagant. Here are the delicious temptations / look at the gallery / whose prices will definitely shock you and turn your mind about the price of food:

Pineapple from Lost Gardens of Heligan

Yes – pineapples are grown in Britain’s most famous botanical garden. An entire era of Victorian-era botanists has developed a method by which pineapples can be grown in colder regions. Noblemen in the past centuries gave kind and dear to these fruits. If you value them as much as you, then for one fruit only you have to give 1600 goals. Here is also the most pineapple most perennially sold in the world. It was sold for $ 16,500;

The most expensive mandarin

Nowadays, the market of the most expensive fruits in the world is abundant of products

Thaio But Tammago Mango

In translation, the name of this fruit means the Sun’s Eggs. Indeed in the form of eggs, they come from the Japanese Prefecture of Miyazaki. Only the decent mangoes reach the market where $ 300 will cost you. They have gained worldwide popularity only recently. A local comedian, masquerading as the governor of the prefecture Hideo Higashikokubaru, actively advertises local Taieo Tam Tamo specialties;

Ruby Roman Grapes

Table grapes also come from Japan, and more precisely, the Ishikawa Prefecture. Bloody red in color, with ping-pong ball grapes, it is sold in 2008. The price then is 100,000 Japanese yen, which is equivalent to $ 910 or $ 26 per grape grain. 1 million yen or 8,400 dollars – so expensive Ruby Roman was the most expensive grape;
4. Densuky Dini
They are much larger than our acquaintances and reach up to 12 kg. Their bark is black, without any lines. Their home is Hokkaido Island, Japan, and their average annual yield is 10,000. That is why the average price is about 250 units. The most expensive Densuki watermelon ever sold cost $ 6300;
5. Strawberries Sembicaya Quinn
The most beautiful strawberries in the world enjoy the eye. In order to be offered to buyers, they have to meet a number of requirements regarding the velvet color of the fruit and the green color of the leaves. Only the most perfect fruits reach potential customers. For a dozen perfection you will have to divide with $ 85;

The most expensive ananas

customers are looking for increasingly unusual things to put on their table

6. Decopon
The strange fruit was cultivated in Japan in 1972 as a mandarin spice hybrid. Manufacturers claim that Decopon is the sweetest orange of the world. Its name comes from Deco – the bumblebee and the word Pon, which is part of the Ponchan, which, in turn, is a hybrid variety of mandarin and swamp. Decoupons are sold in packs of six pieces, each costing $ 80;
7. Apples Ichi
The variety is well known in Bulgaria. In Japan, however, the trees are watered with liquid honey, which enhances their sweetness. Skai Ichi translates as the best in the world. Apples of the variety can reach up to 1 kg. The figure costs 21 dollars;
8. Pear in the shape of Buddha
Yes, they are real and are not GMOs. They just grow into special shapes in the shape of Buddha. There are also heart-shaped molds. The belief is that if you eat a pear in the shape of a Buddha you become immortal. Customers do not stop trying by giving 8 dollars in cash;
9. Square watermelons
Japanese watermelons begin to be exported in 2014. Their shape is an advantage that facilitates transportation. The square shape is achieved as the watermelon grows in a box – a simple but extremely productive practice. Each square watermelon weighs an average of 7 kg and sells for $ 200 a piece. In most cases, they are used rather for decoration.

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