Miraculous ingredient in beer saves us from dementia, because hops used for brewing is contained ksantohumol compound, which scientists believe protects us from dementia.

Miraculous ingredient in beer
there is strong evidence for the prevention of breast and prostate cancer

The beneficial properties of the compound have attracted the attention of experts long ago – ksantohumolat is an antioxidant, protects the cardiovascular system. It is believed that there are anti-cancer properties.

Furthermore, protects nerve cells from damage and may delay the development of diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, experts are clear. There is growing evidence that oxidative damage to neurons play an important role in the onset of brain disease, explain the scientists. Experts who conducted the study from the faculty of chemistry and chemical technology from the University of Lanzhou.

If researchers manage to find a method to prevent these nerve cells from damage is quite possible diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s become treatable. Said compound contained in hops – ksantohumol can achieve exactly this effect. The compound helps protect two types of cancer – breast and prostate stated in a previous study that was done by German specialists.

women drink beer
Miraculous ingredient in beer saves us from dementia

The substance was able to block the extraordinary activity of testosterone and estrogen, in addition, it prevents the release of the protein PSA, which in turn stimulate the development of prostate cancer. Sound sleep also helps to avoid potential problems with the brain in old age, according to another study.

It is enough to sleep eight hours not to come upon disease such as Alzheimer’s are convinced the scientists who conducted the study. The study shows that sleep helps the brain to better process the information of the day and thus memory will increase. Natural coffee which is consumed in moderation, also can prevent development of the disease. Russian scientists explain that caffeine helps the brain cells, reducing wear and inflammation.