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Eat rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, fish and eat less often red meat

Low calorie foods increase life have more advantages than we have ever imagined. Healthy nutrition has always been praised as particularly useful, and today one of its benefits has been revealed – it prolongs life. Low-calorie diets can lengthen life, according to scientists from Aberdeen University in Scotland.

Their research has shown that low-calorie diets by 18% reduce the risk of early death in overweight people. Low fat diets, sugar and refined carbohydrates are most beneficial. The more you reduce weight by reducing your calorie intake thanks to a low-fat diet and a little sugar and refined carbohydrates, the longer life is.

This means that the more low-calorie foods are consumed by people suffering from obesity, the more they reduce the chance of premature death. Further research will examine how this eating style allows to reduce the risk of heart disease or cancer.

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traditional Asian diet that prolongs life

A traditional Asian diet that prolongs life

Numerous studies have found that people in Asia are less likely to have illnesses than malignant diseases, heart disease, and few Asians are also obese. Because of this, they usually live longer. As a reason for longevity in Asian countries, their healthy diet is mentioned.

Asians consume larger quantities of rice, vegetables, fresh fruit and fish and significantly less rely on fat and red meat. And if you become a follower of this way of eating, it should consume sweet foods only once a week, and red meat – no more than once a month. It should be emphasized on rice, spaghetti, bread, millet and corn.

You can easily eat whole grains, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. Fish delicacies are preferred but not mandatory, allowing eggs and poultry. Naturally, in order to achieve a reduction in body weight and good health of the whole organism, physical activity is also necessary in everyday life.

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Healthy nutrition has always been praised as particularly useful

It is always part of a properly implemented weight loss plan. Examples of commonly used Asian foods that are also very useful are bamboo, legumes, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, and leek, sweet potatoes, taro, turnips. Of the fruits most often on their table are apricots, mango, mandarins and coconut.

Of the grain, the Asians focus on snacking, snails, octopus and eel. It is of particular importance not to forget the valuable spices that further support the health of the body. Relax with basil, cloves, mint, turmeric, dill. The good thing about this diet is that there are no norms for calorie intake.

Here is the focus on self-control, so everyone has to carefully consider whether it can control the appetite itself and not succumb to the temptations.

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