How to give up junk food

How we can fight harmful food

          Each of us wonders how to give up junk food

Each of us wonders how to give up junk food? Even for those of us who have the most healthy and solid intent not look harmful foods is incredibly difficult to resist the literally thousands of temptations that every day we see in stores – biscuits, chocolates, sausages, burgers and other bakeries that always look more attractive.

No matter how strong will to a man, there comes a moment when the nose or palate thirst give us and we will give in to temptation. Sometimes this is unavoidable.

How we can fight with harmful food

According to new research, however, the best thing one can do in such a critical situation of unhealthy temptation is to go alone and serve without waiting for him to serve.

For example on the table before you place great chocolate cake with cream tones, fluffy and candied cake-taker. In this case, do not wait for someone else to cut your piece and grab the knife and let your conscience cut the song.

The best foods

The results of the new study are published in the journal Marketing riysarch. It shows that people eat fewer unhealthy foods when you serve yourself instead of someone else gave them a dish.

The study authors Linda Hagen and Brent Makfaran believe that once a person has intrinsic motivation to reduce the food, it has a safety mechanism on a subconscious level.

give up the cake

Fast and easy without problems solving this important issue, healthy food, healthy wish to restrict junk food

This mechanism is immediately activated when the brain surrender to temptation and instead served a huge portion obese person pours herself a much less amount of food.

Apart from this with his own serving of junk food includes certain actions such as getting out of place going to a table, return, etc.

On the one hand, it can give you time to change your mind and the power of temptation to reduce the other – leads to spending (even a modest amount) calories.

This rule does not apply to healthy food. So even if we are served one our subconscious defense mechanism is not included and we calmly nibbling, without worrying that it will harm our health.

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