Essential benefits of onions

Essential benefits of onions

Essential benefits of onions, which is the most used of all kinds of bulbous plants in the national cuisine,

Essential benefits of onions, which is the most used of all kinds of bulbous plants in the national cuisine, fraught with many valuable ingredients. This vegetable originated in Central Asia, but quickly imposed in Europe during the Middle Ages. Notorious fact that was used by the Greeks to enhance appetite, while the Romans thought that gives strength and energy of their legionaries. Remember, however, that like any stronger natural medicine and consumption of onions should not be overdone.

While destroys most harmful bacteria that fall within our stomach, consuming it in excessive doses, it can lead to irritation, transient states of nervousness or hipervazbuda. Here’s what is important to know about onion onion / see gallery / and its essential benefits. According to modern concepts onion onion is valuable mainly because of its antimicrobial compounds that are rapidly absorbed by the human body;

Helps with colds and flu

Onions worked remarkably well in cold conditions associated with fever or even influenza;

Onions against fungi

Phytoncides of onion onions work well for fungal conditions of the oral cavity, the female reproductive organs and skin;

Fount of vitamins

Onions are a rich source of vitamin C, E and group B vitamins

Range of minerals

While onions contain himself over 85% water, it is rich in many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, etc .;

Onions against fungi

very helpful in digestion, cure for fungal infections, onions against hypertension

Resistant to heat treatment
Cooked onions manages to keep a lot of valuable vitamins, while irritating his hotness disappears. Salts, amino acids and trace elements still are absorbed, whether it is a component of soup, stew, roasted, fried or breaded dish;
Useful for digestion
Because the secretion of gastric juice, which causes, onion onions beneficial effect on the entire digestive system. If you are chasing precisely this purpose it is to be consumed raw;
Onions against hypertension
Because anticoagulation effect of the onion, it is recommended to patients suffering from hypertension, tromboflembiti, atherosclerosis, angina and others. diseases of the cardiovascular system;
Inhibits the growth of tumors, according to many experts onion onions even able to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

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