Do not deprive your body of lemon juice

drink lemon juice

Do not deprive your body of lemon juice one of the wonders of the world

Do not deprive your body of lemon juice one of the wonders of the world. Thanks to their valuable ingredients are very good for health while simultaneously treat and prevent many diseases. Also, some hosts find application of lemon juice in cleaning the home. In the gallery above you can find out in which cases and under what conditions can use the power of lemon to improve your health and your appearance.

For healthy kidneys

Did you know that lemons prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. And if the day is taken at least half a cup of lemon juice increased levels of citrate in the urine and they, in turn, protect the kidneys from the accumulation of calcium deposits;

When a sore throat

lemon face clean

drunk a glass of lemon juice in the morning fasting detoxifies the body

Naturally valuable curative effect of lemon for sore throats known. Thanks to the flavonoids in their wealth of antioxidants is so great that they were able to overcome the pain and discomfort;

In insect bites. The lemon juice is very useful in case of insect bites as well as skin irritation produced by some plants. This is because it is anti-inflammatory and soothing the skin, and is used against arthritis and polyarthritis;

When skin inflammation. Lemon juice is also very useful in inflammatory problems with the skin. Inflicting thereof on the affected area, is then washed with pure water;

For weight loss. Recent studies indicate that in these citrus pectin contained, thanks to which supports the weakening of the body;

A source of vitamins and minerals. High contents of vitamin C in lemons prevents the development of scurvy. And because they increase the available potassium concentration of human, regulate blood pressure and water balance in the body. The composition of lemon juice found more vitamin B6, B9, pantothenic acid, niacin, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus;

frozen lemon juice

Do not deprive the body of lemon juice source of vitamin C Vitamin B6, B9 useful in weight loss

Against cancer cells. There are also studies indicating lemon juice as a means of protecting the development of cancer cells; Teeth Whitening. To the precious qualities of lemons belongs and their ability to treat dandruff, to whiten teeth, claws;

Holistic detox. A drunk a glass of lemon juice in the morning fasting detoxifies the body, improves metabolism and gives a lot of energy thanks to the useful sugars in its composition.


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