Culinary classics that you should try at least once

Food is one of the undisputed pleasures of the world. Millions of people on Earth give heart and soul to transform it into a delightful delight. Regardless of where they are – under the glowing sun or near the ice cubes, in the jungle or in the megapolis, they have their culinary traditions, which they tempt the senses.

Pho soup
Pho soup in Vietnam

If you are one of those who like to tempt them, know that there are dishes to try at least once in your life. More classic or original, sweet or salty – has the taste of everyone. Here are some of the dishes to try:

La poutine in Canada

Crispy fried potatoes covered with Canadian fresh cheese and brown sauce (made from calf fat). This is the dish if you are in Quebec. Calming for the taste buds and food that will completely satisfy your stomach. Well, your thighs may not thank you because Putin is a real calorie bomb, but the pleasure of food is above all.

La Poutine
La Poutine in Canada

Have you ever heard of Canadian cheese? The country also calls it a “squid-squid” cheese because of a sound that is heard when a person chews it. This is a fresh cheddar cheese that has not been squeezed. Sometimes garnished with chopped meat or sausages (for those who are very hungry), Putin is also served in roadside, fast food, but also in refined restaurants (especially foyers).

Zabaione in Italy

Born in the Italian province, the Sabayon, which means a “fountain” of an old local dialect, was invented by Giovanni Baloni, a captain who commanded his soldiers to seize supplies. They returned with little prey – eggs, milk, white wine and aromatic herbs, and he decided to make soup from them. Thus, in a totally unpredictable way, the Sabbath appeared. The recipe for it may seem simple, but it needs very strict observance.

The cooking of the jelly mixed with alcohol requires special attention because it is necessary to do it on moderate fire, never more than 65 degrees. Served already in the four corners of the world, this sweetened cream can be prepared with Amaretto, Gran Merenie and even champagne. It should be noted that today the sabaion is not consumed as a dessert, but it also exists in salty form. He is a wonderful company of champagne or oysters.

Zabaione Italy
Zabaione in Italy

Pho soup  in Vietnam

Pho soup  in Vietnam, a national dish of the country and is a beef broth (boiled for at least 8 hours), pieces of veal, rice nudels and aromatic herbs. Traditionally consumed at breakfast, this soup is already eaten for the whole day. Very aromatic, thanks to spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, it is everywhere on the street. This dish is influenced by French cuisine (Vietnam was part of the French Indochina). Endlessly popular among Vietnamese, from all generations and social classes, the locals do not consume it just to eat, but also to relax and enjoy the pleasure of tasty dishes.

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